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Your Studio Mic Stetup 2023

No Special Skills Needed!


Microphones are part of the sound of popular styles.  The singer and the mic work together to make the sound the artist is after.

Maybe you haven't purchased a mic for your studio - or yourself - because you thought it would be expensive or too high-tech.

Well, I gotcha covered!  This download shows you how to get a setup that is:

  • Simple to use

  • Really inexpensive

  • Pro can bring it to your gigs!


Here's what this looks like...

The download is one of the many VIP extgras enjoyed by the voice pros who take Neuro-Vocal Teacher Trianing & Certification.

It describes, shows you, and gives you links to a nice little monitor that sits (adjustably) at face height on a microphone stand. It's really small and weighs almost nothing.

A monitor is a speaker with a little amplifier inside that is designed for the musician to hear themselves in performance. That means that:

  • there are no fancy effects

  • there's little chance of microphone feedback

The download also describes, shows you pictures, and gives you links to two different microphones. They both sound great, are what pros use, and are priced  at around $100.

The download also describes, shows you pictures, and gives you links to the other stuff you'll need! The mic stands, the cords, and the mic cleaner.

And I won't just leave you out on your own!

The download also gives you a link to a video I made that walks you through how to set up your new system.

The whole kit-n-kaboodle will cost you around $250 (I don't make any $ from this) and will pay for itself in short order. Why? Because your students will be excited, learning, and having fun! You'll attract clients because your mic setup says that you "get it," and you'll keep clients longer because they're having more fun as they get better! 

Go to for more good stuff!

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