How to Teach High Rock "Belt"

Only $39

You know I'm all about

high, loud, healthy, and forever.

You know your clients need that for ALL the styles they sing into microphones:

  • Contemporary Music Theater

  • Contemporary Christian

  • Metal

  • Dance / Electronica

  • Rock

  • Pop

  • Indy

  • R&B

  • Hip Hop

  • Jazz & Blues

  • Latin

  • Country

...just to name a few.

If you've been frustrated...

...or are just looking for some new ideas, I got you!

In this 1-hour workshop I'll share the



that you can implement 

to help your singers 


of popular styles "bridge their break" in a healthy, sustainable way.

I'll also tell you something you may be doing that's sabotaging your efforts to help your students! 🤯

These techniques are authentic to the sounds of popular styles, and based on reliable physiological & neurological principles. 

The hardest thing about them is that they're too easy!

Join me Monday, May 16!

9 AKDT, 10 PT & PDT, 11 MT, 12 CT, 1 ET & EDT, 19:00 BST, 20:00 CEST, 19:00 SAST

Can't be there? The replay will be available for 2 weeks!