The Voice Student's Online Lesson Wish List 2021

...for better voice lessons and coaching sessions in 2021.

Online lessons. 

Who knew it would ever be the only way we could do our jobs? 

Since this is the new normal, let's help our students get the most out of their time with us! 🥰 

This list of

stands (...cuz you're really over trying to teach when you feel like you're lying on the floor)

microphones (...who knew that being able to hear well would make a difference?)  &

lighting (because that silhouette of your student against the window really isn't super helpful) 

with links to the pages, and descriptions (if the links don't work).

Kinda for them, but also kinda for you. 

You can send this to them... Say,

"Look at this cool thing I found online!  Take a look and think about it...any of these things could probably help you get more out of our lessons"!