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Unit 4:  Module 18

Peer Coaching Workshop

Before we meet:

This week our focus is on coaching techniques. Take a look at the suggested outline before you meet with your "client"!

Class notes_Peer coaching outline

Please warm up before this workshop.

We're working on mixing, and we all know that doesn't go well with a "cold" voice!

Where we'll meet:

It's a peer coaching week!
This week we combine Nasty Triangle with Power Breathing to experience a high mix.

Please look at the class notes prior to class. 

Class me in my Zoom Room

Our meeting time is listed by time zone in the email you got with the deets for this week.


After we meet:

Studio Coursework:

  • Principle 1: Hunn - shifting attention

  • Principle 2: Hunn-ee - doing the math

  • Principle 3: The Nasty Triangle - creating conditions, allowing changes: a tool for blend & mix

  • Principle 4: Cartoon Mouse - M2 applications & coordinationsPop sounds for M2 and vocal camouflage

    • Register separation exercises - yodel, Wile E. Coyote​

  • Principle 5: Power Breathing - engaged respiration & embodied learninga sometimes-tool for high M2 and high mix

  • Principle 6: Dog Mouth - predictive vocal tract



Next week's class is a singing party!

Please email me if you'd like not to participate or if you'd like your song to be prerecorded and played in class.

Support Materials:

Some Things To Remember (pdf)

A Facelift For Your Voice

30-day Menopause Voice Challenge

Gigs for Singers: Blog, video, and pdf download of resources


A few things
to remember...


Gigs for

All Kindza Gigs for Singers:

The List (pdf download)


The Aging Voice

A Facelift for Your Voice:

6 Tips for the Changing Voice


30-Day Challenge for 

Menopause Voice

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