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Unit 3:  Module 11

The Parts and the Whole

The Respiratory System

Before we meet:



Where we'll meet:

This week we’ll talk about ...

Class me in my Zoom Room

Our meeting time is listed by time zone in the email you got with the deets for this week.


After we meet:

Studio Coursework:

  • Principle 1: Hunn - shifting attention

  • Principle 2: Hunn-ee - doing the math

  • Principle 3: The Nasty Triangle - creating the environment for, then doing the changes

  • Principle 4: Cartoon Mouse - Pop sounds for M2 and vocal camouflage

    • Register separation exercises - yodel, Wile E. Coyote​

  • Principle 5: Power Breathing - a sometimes-tool for high M2 and high mix


  • Try Power Breathing. Makes sure you understand it in your own body, and then introduce it to a student who:

    • shies away from their M2​

    • is comfortable with the Nasty Triangle and is looking to get over a "break."

  • "At Last" (the Etta James version)

    • ​In your private coaching sessions in May & June, I’d like you to try this song. Ideally, you’ll try to incorporate as much of her stylistic vocabulary as possible. (This is to trick you into listening! 🙃

  • Prep your 30-minute video​

    • This is a demo of you using 2-or-more of the NVM principles in your coaching. Please set a date 2, 3, or 4 weeks from now to turn it in. Please don't make this a big, scary deal. This submission is for feedback only.​


Support Materials

Here are downloads of your CRIB SHEET and SCRIPT for

Power Breathing

Here are the instructions for

submitting your 30-minute

video for feedback

How to Submit a Video for Feedback Your video should be about 30 minutes. It can include c
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