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Unit 1:  Module 2

An Inside Job:
Interoceptive Awareness

Before we meet:


Download your class notes before your scheduled class and I'll see you there! 


Where we'll meet:

This week we’re going to talk about interoception:   what it is, why it matters to singers, and how to use it.

Class me in my Zoom Room

Our meeting time is listed by time zone in the email you got with the deets for this week.


After we meet:

Studio Coursework

  • Step Zero: Before the Hunn

    • Walk through the process of redirecting the singer's attention when phonating​

  • Principle 1: Find the Hunn

    • ​Try the exercise we worked on - Before the Hunn and Find the Hunn - with yourself and with 2 (or more) clients

Video 1
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How Hearing Works:  A TED Talk

The Science of Hearing

The ear's task is to convert sound energy into neural signals; the brain's is to receive and process the information those signals contain. To understand how that works, Douglas L. Oliver follows a sound on its journey into the ear. 

Music and the Mind:  Concert for Sound Health at the Kennedy Center

In this talk, Dr. Nina Kraus makes clear “sound ingredients:  pitch, timing, timbre, sound processing".  She demonstrates sound recordings from brains. This demonstrates the way healthy brains process sound in a very analogous way.

Kraus explores the cognitive and biological benefits of music training.

Video 2
Homework: PDF
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Neurobiology of Everyday Communication: What Have We Learned from Music?

This is TOTALLY optional for people who like reading research papers (this is particularly well-written for a research paper)!  

Support Materials #1

Support Materials

Here are downloads of your CRIB SHEETS and SCRIPT for Find the Hunn

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