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Studio Class for
Neuro-Vocal Teachers

I'm really excited about this!

Since I get to coach each of you privately, I get to see what terrific singers you are!  Even though you're a pro singer and musician, you don't always feel confident about singing microphone styles.

So how about a class where you get to practice singing these styles with the most supportive audience possible?

Get Your Pop Together

This class is for those expansive artists who want to be able to wrap their voices around some microphone music.

You'll pick 4 songs to work on, and we'll weed it down to 2 or 3 to work on.  By the end of the class you'll have 1-2 songs (depending on how you like to work) that are "in the can"; that you know you can sing confidently and well.


90 minute class

Meets 7 times

Every other week beginning Sept. 9, 2021

North America times:

Thursday 2 HST, 5 PT, 7 CT, 8 ET

Australia times:

Friday 8 am AWST, 10 am AEST

SMALL class: Min/max is 3/6

One payment of $395 or three payments of $135

Rep is anything you want in the jazz, pop, or MT genres. If you pick MT we will be personalizing it to you. 🖤

Register now! know...small class...starting soon...

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