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for the FINAL class of 2021!

Neuro-Vocal Method Certification

You can teach popular styles with all that confidence!  But register soon...time is running out!

An incredible educational value!

  • Interesting and applicable principles & tools for CCM/Pop

  • Nine 75-minute sessions 

  • In-person, virtual classroom training

  • Video recordings of live classes (in case you miss a class)

  • Facebook group page for questions and community

  • Support materials and videos

  • E-copy of Money Notes: How to Sing High, Loud, Healthy, and Forever

  • Installment option with 4 affordable payments

  • 50% off Teachable pre-recorded class Intro to NVM 

  • NVM Certification 

  • 2 Year guarantee!

and more!

Class begins June 11

Limited Enrollment!  Each class limited to 15 participants!

To learn more about the NVM Certification Course

The Book

Claim Your CCM/Pop Mojo (without feeling like a fake)!



You're a voice teacher or vocal coach.  You have super-powers to help singers. 

But sometimes you don't feel it.  When a singer needs help with pop/rock technique, you might not feel as confident as a superhero should.

This book, Making Them Stick, gives you a peek into the microphone singer's mind.  Their culture, their expectations, their fears, and their experience.

Knowing that stuff will change everything.

Also it's an easy read and a little bit funny. :)

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