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NVM Summer Supercharge

Exclusively for NVM Certified Teachers & Coaches

Some time ago, you saw a class that promised to show voice pros how to coach for popular styles through a neuroscience lens, and you said, "I'm in"!

Love that about you. ❤️

That was a while ago.
Since then
you've missed a ton!

This summer you'll have a chance to catch up to the other NVM voice pros who have taken the most recent class.

Toy Brain_edited.jpg

You'll get:

  • New material that's exciting and empowering 

    • Brain science in the studio​

    • What's up for popular styles (and contemporary MT)

    • Coaching techniques to make your job easier and their success faster

  • Updated content

    • New versions of your NVM support materials

    • Things your class couldn't offer!

  • Scripts & Crib Sheets for all 6 NVM principles

  • An option to get half-price private coaching

  • A chance to hang out with all the best people!


  • An optional extra! This opportunity is for peeps who want more!

    • More pop-coaching-brain-goodness! Two more meetings on consecutive Fridays.

    • More empowering tools! Each week we'll learn a new a new super-tool for coaching.

    • More confidence! Real-time practice with accolades & feedback!

    • More effective coaching! Shift the work from your brain to theirs! 

You're going to love this!

If you're thinking of doing some professional development this summer, don't miss this opportunity to spend a day with exciting new material and all the best people! (Cuz...NVM coaches.)

It's one day, it's a great deal, and you know it will be good

You'll walk away from this with new excitement for your teaching studio!


You'll look forward to messing with your clients brains, guiding them to those (oh-so fulfilling) breakthroughs, and relaxing into the knowledge that when their brains do the work, everybody wins!

Here's what we'll cover:
Want the Schedule?
  • The Predictive Brain: How it works to makes learning faster & more effective

  • Making the job (our & theirs) easier

  • Hunn, Hunn-ee, and Organic Change: Why slow is fast

  • Nasty Triangle & Cartoon Mouse: A seamless intersection for an expressive voice

Click Here for the PDF Download

The Deets:

  • Open only to NVM certified coaches

  • Meeting virtually on Friday, July 12

  • Save 25% with Early Bird price through June 15

    • $349

    • or two payments of $175

  • from June 16 forward 

    • $475

    • or two payments of $238

An Extra Offer
to Supercharge Your Coaching Mojo!

A couple of hours dedicated to getting a little more


on July 19 & 25!

Get the deets in the syllabus, and

don't miss the hands-on

learning deliciousness!

Extra Offer
Register before June 15
for these Early Bird Prices!

I'm in!

And I want that awesome

Early Bird price!


This amazing Summer Supercharge
All that for only $564? Let's do it!

+ Free Financing
2 x $175

I'm in!

And I'm all over that

2 payments thing!

+ Free Financing
3 x $188

Summer Supercharge

+ MORE + free financing?
I can't miss this!!

I'd like to talk about this a little more...

No charge for this.
If you can't find a good time, email me!

I love seeing you, and if I can accomodate you I absolutely will!

I just have a quick question...

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