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Claim Your Mojo for Microphone Styles...

...without feeling like a fake.

You're a voice teacher or vocal coach.  You have super-powers to help singers. 

But sometimes you don't feel it. 

When a singer needs help with technique for microphone styles, you might not feel as confident as a superhero should.

This will help.


Voice students today expect to be able to learn to sing in many different genres, but most teachers haven't been equipped with the solid pedagogical knowledge to be able to confidently trade Brahms for BIllie Eilish.

Meredith is the answer!

In this immensely practical guide, she gives teachers actionable advice for how to attract AND retain students who want to learn microphone singing. You'll come back to this resource again and again.

-Dr. Heather Nelson, Vocologist

I want to give you a copy of my ebook, Making Them Stick

This book gives you a peek into the microphone singer's mind.  Their culture, their expectations, their fears, and their experience.

Because knowing those things will change everything.

WHOA. So great. I loved that you respected classical music and singers while also educating me about popular music and singers! This is great information, and now I need to buy your book!

- Barbara Shirvis, Whole Arts Voice Studio, Kennett Square, PA

You love your students. 

You want them to enjoy their singing. 

You help shape their singing into something they're proud to share. 

There are singers who need you, and they want to sing contemporary styles. 

Knowing just a few new things makes you the perfect person to help them.

"I read your e-book, and it is gold.  It should be required reading for all independent contemporary voice teachers.  You have a way of saying things that makes so much sense.  It really hits home."

- Rita Castillo, Voice teacher and T.I.P. Method creator, Long Beach, CA

I'm Meredith Colby. I'm the creator of Neuro-Vocal for Popular Styles. It's a way to approach singing of microphone styles that's based on brain science. And it works.

A few years back I started teaching these brain-centric teaching ideas to other voice teachers & coaches.  I believe in what we voice pro's do, and my mission statement is simple:

I support voice teachers to create confident teaching of popular styles.

This is great! Meredith's language is frank and refreshing, and perfect for a teacher like me who started from a western classical voice background, and now works with students singing in a wide range of genres including lots of pop. The five power tools was right on point! I think I'm going to put those on post-its on the piano as reminders to myself this week.

- Diane Speirs, Langara College, Vancouver BC

Is your studio ready to rock?

Get the book!


Click HERE

(or on the book cover over there) to download the book.

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