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Free EBook Download

Claim Your Mojo for Microphone Styles...

...without feeling like a fake.

You're a voice teacher or vocal coach.  You have super-powers to help singers. 

But sometimes you don't feel it. 

When a singer needs help with technique for microphone styles, you might not feel as confident as a superhero should.

This will help.


Rita Castillo, vocal coach and T.I.P. Method creator, Long Beach, CA

I read your e-book and it is gold. It should be required reading for all independent contemporary voice teachers. You ahvea  way of saying things that makes so much sense. It really hits home.

I want to give you a copy of my ebook, You've Got This!  

This book gives you a peek into the microphone singer's mind.  Their culture, their expectations, their fears, and their experience.

Because knowing those things will change everything.

You love your students. 

You want them to enjoy their singing. 

You help shape their singing into something they're proud to share. 

There are singers who need you, and they want to sing contemporary styles. 

Knowing just a few new things makes you the perfect person to help them.

MC_Friendly_B&W (820 x 312 px).png

I'm Meredith Colby. I'm the creator of NeuroVocal Method for popular styles. It's a way to approach singing of microphone styles that's based on brain science. And it works.

A few years back I started teaching these brain-centric teaching ideas to other voice teachers & coaches.  I believe in what we voice pros do, and I'm all about helping other teachers & coaches gain confidence and joy in their work and businesses.

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