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Anyone Ever Call You An Ectomorph?

Physiology is IN YOUR CORNER!


Every voice teacher and coach knows that good posture is important to efficient singing.  But some of your students (or maybe even you!) have a hard time taking that “lower torso” breath.  Maybe they - or you - just can’t seem to get that sticking-your-tummy-out thing.  🥺  But they keep trying (just like you did) because that’s the way we’re supposed to take that Singer Breath.


Sign up to get a free download of a chapter of my book, MONEY NOTES: HOW TO SING HIGH, LOUD, HEALTHY, AND FOREVER.  The chapter is about recognizing and respecting different body types, especially the lanky person.  The naturally thin.  The ectomorph.  The person that has never felt comfortable sticking out their tummy when they breathe.  If that's you, you need this! 💜

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