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Module 1
Brain Basics

Before we meet:



Download your class notes before your scheduled class and I'll see you there! 

Where we'll meet:

We're going to start by talking about (#shocker) brains! 

Class me in my Zoom Room

Class times are listed by time zone in the email you got with the deets for this week.


After we meet:


  • None

Support Materials:


  • See if you can catch your brain predicting!

  • Watch the video How Do Human Brains Function.

  • Bookmark the Droodles site to share with your students! (And have some fun with it yourself!) This is a fun way to experience both both your predictive brain in action and experiential blindness. :)

    • scroll down to guess the droodles​

    • click App in the menu at the very top to do some droodle-making of your own!

How Do Human Brains Function?

Screenshot 2023-12-04 at 6.03.41 PM.png

Andy Clark is a professor of Cognitive Philosophy at the University of Sussex and the author of eight books (as well as journal articles) on neuroscience and cognitive science. 
In this video Clark talks about the predictive brain, one of his favorite topics. He provides both an explanation and a framework for thinking about this idea.

He refers to "sine wave" speech. If you'd like a fascinating demonstration of that, go to this video and skip to 2:55

Support Materials #1

Here is a download for your new and existing clients. 

(Or for you, really.) 

This is a short explanation that will help your client understand the weird stuff you're asking them to do.

Click the pic to get that download!

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