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Masterclass Bundle


for the Upcoming

Neuro-Vocal Method Certification Class

You can teach popular styles with all that confidence!  But register soon...time is running out!

All The Stuff!

The Certification  Course

An incredible educational value!

  • Interesting and applicable principles & tools for CCM/Pop based on brain science

  • Nine 75-minute sessions 

  • In-person, virtual classroom training

  • Video recordings of live classes (in case you miss a class)

  • Facebook group page for questions and community

  • Support materials and videos

  • E-copy of Money Notes: How to Sing High, Loud, Healthy, and Forever

  • Installment option with 4 affordable payments

  • 50% off Teachable pre-recorded class Intro to NVM 

  • NVM Certification 

  • 2 Year guarantee!

and more!

Get $545 of Early Bird Extras  for the upcoming NVM Certification course!

Available through May 31

Class begins June 11

Limited Enrollment!  Each class limited to 15 participants!

To learn more about the NVM Certification Course


get in on Early Bird Extras,

USE COUPON CODE 75OFF for 75% off!

Curious, but not ready?  This online, self-paced class sets you up to train your brain & train your voice!  

This course explores the neural networks that give us the ability to sing, the neuroplasticity that can change singing, and the things to consider when teaching CCM/Pop singers. Exploiting the neurology of our essential vocal tones is the short path to high, loud, healthy, and forever singing!

Included for free in the NVM Certification course, this super-low price is available only with the Masterclass Bundle!  And only until Friday, May 14 at midnight (CT)!

Introduction to

Neuro-Vocal Method

The Online Course

Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 2.30.39 PM.png

The Book

Claim Your CCM/Pop Mojo (without feeling like a fake)!



You're a voice teacher or vocal coach.  You have super-powers to help singers. 

But sometimes you don't feel it.  When a singer needs help with pop/rock technique, you might not feel as confident as a superhero should.

This book, Making Them Stick, gives you a peek into the microphone singer's mind.  Their culture, their expectations, their fears, and their experience.

Knowing that stuff will change everything.

Also it's an easy read and a little bit funny. :)

Private 1:1 Time

Exclusive Masterclass Attendee Offer

Spots are extremely limited!  Special "Thank You" Pricing expires May 29!

Want to kick-start your voice/brain training?  Been wondering about this Neuro-Vocal thing?  Well, NOW's the time to work 1:1 with me! 🎉🎁🥂  I'll give you the TLC, show you some cool brain tricks for your voice, give you awesome Keeper Take-Aways for your "Microphone Music" singing, and make sure you feel empowered! Yay!

Normally $135 a single session, private work with me using this link are only $100 for one or $276 for three!

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