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Local Cafe

A community of NVM Certified voice pros

When I first started teaching in a real studio in downtown Chicago, I made a friend.

She had just opened a private voice studio across the hall from me. She was a classically trained soprano who had recently completed a master's in voice from Northwestern University.

Her name was Sheri. She had no idea what she was doing. We had a lot in common. 🤭

We met regularly in a local café. We got to know each other talking about our students, our singing gigs, ways of teaching singing, and the business of running our studios.

30 years later we still meet regularly. We share what we're learning about running our voice businesses, teaching voice, and personal things. 

It's easy to feel alone...

...when you're an independent teacher. Even when you're in an adjunct role. Other voice pros may seem unavailable, unreachable, or not like-minded. 

I know this from my own experience. I also know this because every single time an NVM training concludes I have received one-or-more emails from participant asking if there is any way the community we created can continue.

Some of you may wish you had a community. Or help. Or maybe you wish you had something, you're just not sure what.

I feel that. I was a lone-wolf-indy teacher for a mighty long time.

Five years ago I joined a larger professional group, and gained a lot from those associations and friendships. Now I'm in a small professional group. I've learned how important community is to my well-being, clarity of mission, business, and process. I pay 10k a year to be in that group. 🤯

It's worth every penny.

Community is a big deal.

This community is about




Your skills are the product you're selling. "Doing more" will serve neither you nor your clients in the long run. 

"Doing more" may be the only "way out" you can imagine. In this group you'll see what other people can imagine for you.


  • The cost should be covered by about  1/2 a student per month. 

  • If you're thinking of ways to make more money in 2024, think of the combined brain power & experience of 5+ voice pros + me.

90 minutes a week to invest in your

  • self

  • business

  • pedagogy

  • friendships

  • support

This is a time investment. You get a return on your time. 

Coffee and Croissants_edited.jpg

I'm offering a Local Café only to voice pros who have completed NVM training.

This exclusive group is only being offered to NVM favorite voice pros & people.

I'm offering two groups.

One that will meet weekly for 90 minutes on Mondays and another that will meet Tuesdays/Wednesdays

The commitment is from the third week of January, 2024 through the third week of December, 2024 (45 weeks total).

What it is

The vision is for:

  • A professional group.

  • A safe space to be & process with like-minded independent voice pros (people who get it).

  • A collective that shares insights, experience, and wisdom.

  • A place to give birth to, and nurture, new ideas.

  • An opportunity to learn from other people's experiences... so you don't have to learn all the things the hard way!

  • A place to talk about our business, students/clients, our own singing, and teaching for popular & contemporary MT styles.

  • A group to dig into the hard stuff with.

It's much better to be in a group than on a mountain by myself.

Brittany McMains

indy voice pro

NVM teacher

What it is not

A large, dedicated business group for creatives. If you want that, I highly endorse The Speakeasy Cooperative.

A marketing group for music studio owners. If you want that The Savvy Music Studio is all about indy music educators.

An artist development group for people working on a product or refining their craft. If you want that, you definitely want Jess Baldwin.

A group focused on how to make money as a singer. For that, the queen is Danielle Tucker.

We can do all those things, but any one of these will not be the focus of the group.

Just so we're clear.

The deets...

This is a beta test with a beta price. Several NVM people have suggested this to me, so let's see if:

  • you want it

  • it meets a need

  • it serves you


Monday Group

  • Intended for North American, Indian, and European folks.

  • Dates: Mondays, January 15, 2024 - December 16, 2024. (I won't be there on 26 Feb, 8 July, 30 Sept, 7 Oct. The group can still meet...we'll discuss.) 45 weeks total.

  • Length: 90 minutes per week

  • Times: 9 PT, 10 MT, 11 CT, 12 ET, 5 BST, 6 CEST, 9:30 IST

  • Min/Max: 5 people / 10 people

  • Communication: Private group via facebook or flock 

  • Price tag: $1,980

  • Billed: $165 monthly for one year

Tuesday-Wednesday Group

  • Intended for North American and Australian folks.

  • Dates: Tuesdays, January 16, 2024 - December 17, 2024. (I won't be there on 27 Feb, 9 July, 1 & 8 Oct. The group can still meet...we'll discuss.) 45 weeks total.

  • Length: 90 minutes per week

  • Times: 

    • Tuesday at 12:30 HST, 2:30 PST, 3:30 MST, 4:30 CST, 5:30 EST, 6:30 AST, 10:30 pm GMT

    • Wednesday at 6:30 am AWST, 9:30 AEDT

  • Min/Max: 5 people / 10 people

  • Communication: Private group via facebook or flock 

  • Price tag: $1,980 

  • Billed: $165 monthly for one year

I'd like to talk about this a little more...

If you can't find a good time, email me!

I just have a quick question...

I'm in!

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